Two young 50-something females. One big adventure exploring the Americas. Have liquidated everything they own and packed a Saturn Vue with bare necessities to set out on this journey. Planting seeds at each juncture symbolizing their new growth. With an open mind and heart, ready to get a true view of this world.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


After an evening of incredible fun, food, wine, and laughter, we rest hard as we'd had a full transition day. Today is reserved for Glacier National Park and we are eager to explore this place that promises such grandeur. We are definitely not disappointed.

The vistas here are stupendous, it is as if we've stepped into a movie. We, honestly, can't believe at times what we're experiencing.

Snow capped mountains, waterfalls, gorges, and a road, the Going to the Sun Highway, which provides an amazing drive to visit all that is available.

We begin today's journey with a beautiful little hike on the Trail of the Cedars, an easy nature trail packing a full punch of scenery. This morning is Celeste's moment. We take plenty of time here savoring every morsel.

Our incredible drive takes us up into these same snow capped mountains, waterfalls weeping virtually on top of us. Logan's Pass is at the summit and has been closed for the summer, but, of course, has opened just about an hour before we reach this mark. It allows us entrance into a vast winter wonderland where we admittedly aren't suited quite for hiking a trail we've eyed, but playing in the snow seems a fair trade off. It's June and we're throwing snowballs.

It can't get much better, we think!

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  1. My only visit to Glacier was in August - so I never got to see it with the snow...looks beautiful! Hilight of our trip that time was a raft trip down the snake river complete with lots of bald eagle sightings! You have to go back in the summer sometime!