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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Haines 4x4 Mule Rides

The ferry ride from Skagway to Haines is a mere 45-minute jaunt and from what we can see through the rain seems, of course, picturesque. As we near the location of our excursion, the weather seems to be letting up. We may have a clear ride after all!

Haines is another adorable area, even more limited. Our guide is quite entertaining as he picks up our tour - there are about a dozen of us - and transports us via the downtown area up to the base of the mountain housing our vehicles.

A quick "lesson" provided, we set out. As the rain
has completely dissipated by now, the covers are thrown back and we are off on our rough ride. Immediately, we know we're in for a real treat!

Takshanuk Mountain Advenutres is a first class operation and if you are ever in the area, a definite must!

The initial ride up to the lodge is a good steep climb, but the vehicles are in excellent condition and we fly up the mountain trail easily. It's still cold and the mountain air continues to get chillier as we head upwards. But, it's exhilarating and we are all smiles when we stop at the lodge for a fire and fresh baked cookies. Yes, pretty perfect!

After warmth and fortitude, we continue our climb and pause for waterfall pics, lofty overlooks, and each turn and stop just gets more beautiful. This is an amazing trip! The views unbelievable and this transport an incredibly wonderful way to experience this magnificent wilderness wonderland.

We're allowed ample opportunity to take pictures, savor the breathtaking scenery, completely envelop the moment. At the top, we're afforded clearing views and our guide comments that it's the first time he can remember where the sun has started to come out. What a surprise!! Weather witch strikes again.....

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  1. looks like a far cry from the sundresses and shorts at New Life in May!