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Monday, March 15, 2010

Mount Pleasant to Sullivan's Island - The Bridge to the Beach

Sunday morning in Charleston can mean only one thing. Sweet potato pancakes at Sunflower Cafe. The appropriate name of the cafe would be enough, but these pancakes doused with pecan butter and sweet maple syrup are one of those very few brunch items that can stand on their own sans mimosas! Service at the cafe was impeccable and this little jewel of a breakfast diner meets all the southern requirements.

After partaking in this very special ritual, we take a little side trip to view the campus of the Citadel. Really lovely campus and we are even treated to a bus load of cadets emptying onto the lawns for a morning workout. The grounds are rather quiet and we are left thinking that spring break may be in force here, as well. With all the serenity, it is a great time to meander and take in the sights and feeling of traditions here.

Time to head to the Ravenell Bridge in Mount Pleasant. The new bridge opened just over a year or so ago and has a walkway for pedestrians and bikes. The view is, as you can imagine, spectacular, and the morning breeze and sun has brought many out to partake in their weekend exercise rituals. This is the way to burn those calories!
We are quite proud of ourselves as we venture to the top, and the view of the city, tanks and water are more than worth the effort.

Once we've conquered the bridge, a quick trip to Shem Creek seems like a good idea. We need a bit of nourishment, no doubt! Red's on the Creek is the spot for a little thirst quencher and a bite. The locals are out today here, as well. It is hopping! And, as it is pet day, lots of our furry friends are out celebrating right along with us. There is a lovely view from the dock where we sit taking in our libations. Sunsets here must be incredible!

After fortification, we continue to the beach at Sullivan's Island. The quaintness of this little beach village is noteworthy, the homes so lovely to imagine one lucky enough to inhabit. The beach itself is wide and deserted as we stroll near the lighthouse and take in the beauty and tranquility of this place. It certainly brings you back to a place in time that we don't quite believe exists anymore.

Further down the way, we come into Isle of Palms, which has more modern houses dotting the coast, and equally coveted. As spring break has not come into full force, the area is actually quiet. Cindy reminds us that this summer will bring hoards of folks and this quiet beachfront town will be transformed into a frenzy. I, personally, am very happy to just be witnessing this current solitude.

We have a quick drink at a local pub, Windjammers, and sit on the back deck overlooking the beach volleyball court and beautiful Atlantic. The place is all ours. As the day is coming to an end, I am drinking in the flavors that come from these sleepy winter coast days. The feel is in the air that the remaining days are numbered. And, while the warmth will probably be welcomed, the quiet will definitely be missed.

There is a bit of a drive ahead of us as we head home, and a quick bite for dinner at a little Mexican restaurant near her home brings the day to a close. What a fun and full weekend Cindy has brought us. She was an amazing host. Her goal was to give us a Charleston speed tour, capsulizing as much as possible in this brief encounter. We think she was definitely successful! Thank you!!


  1. Well, I said I was catching up with you, but now I am confused again. Comes with old age, you know. I left a comment that I thought was being posted March 15th, but apparently it was on your March 14th day. Sorry about that. Susan, the birth date I mentioned was intended for March 15th.

  2. What exactly are the flavors that come from these sleepy winter coast days?

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  4. Brunch sans mimosas? Cannot imagine!
    And Celeste - Please, PLEASE can I use the photo of the Citadel bulldog as my screen saver? Sorry - but Ashley's comment wasn't NEARLY sarcastic enough!