Two young 50-something females. One big adventure exploring the Americas. Have liquidated everything they own and packed a Saturn Vue with bare necessities to set out on this journey. Planting seeds at each juncture symbolizing their new growth. With an open mind and heart, ready to get a true view of this world.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saving the Sea Turtles

The rain has finally come but it's actually quite peaceful from our balcony this morning. As we sip coffee and watch the morning break through the drops, it's decided that today will be a morning to get some things in order and plan a little outing to visit the Sea Turtle Rehab Center here on the island. (The only thing missing, of course, would be Ashley - we took extra pictures just for you - they will be forthcoming - know you hated not being here for this!)

Being on the road does not come without it's chores. In some ways, they can even be a bit more challenging. But, we're certainly not complaining! Laundry and reorganizing the packing of the Vue are top on the list this morning, yes, we are still trying to find the optimum use of space in our trusty little vehicle. After all of this work, we decide a little pampering is in order this misty morn.

The ladies at Jekyll Island Hair and Spa are most accommodating and fit us in to their busy little business for manicures and pedicures. The rain is pouring now and we are simply amazed at the stream of residents who, despite the weather, are not going to miss their weekly hair styling. Rhonda shampoos, curls and fluffs more than a half dozen folk as we take our turns with Charlotte buffing our fingers and toes. We learn all about the island and its quirks during this 2-hour visit. It is Steel Magnolias in all of the best ways!

It is now time for a visit to the island's renowned Turtle Center. Located in the historic district, it is quite a facility. We arrive in time for the update in the rehab area and are able to watch as the therapies and feedings of these magnificent beings are being performed. Griffin especially catches our eye and tugs at our heart. He is actually a stroke victim, and the efforts to bring his faculties back to full power kept us mesmerized for a good part of an hour. This is a very special place and we were very glad we made the stop.

The rain was finally clearing as we headed down to the wharf area across from the Jekyll Island Club. It is, in my mind's eye, what I envision Cumberland might have been during its time. The grounds are magnificent. We strolled through the area, taking in the grandeur and serenity. We virtually had the place to ourselves. The path along the marsh and wharf area drew us in, as well.

As we made our way out onto the dock, we, of course, found the perfect spot for cocktails and appetizers as this gloomy but still wonderful day was coming to a close. We could only imagine what this would have looked like if we had had a sunset included. Grey Goose and Oysters Rockefeller were definitely the choices called for. The oysters were simply out of this world, as promised. Despite the grayness of the sky, it was still a spectacular setting and we stayed until evening dawned.

Deer joined us along the road once again as we tried to catch the music and taste some of the much heard about crab chowder that comes out of Sea Jay's Pub at the marina. Too many others had our same idea this evening and, seating being limited as it was, it was not to be. This was not devastating, as it meant a repeat visit to our little bistro, which, of course, was just as good as it had been the night before. Any visitor to Jekyll would be remiss in not paying a trip to this little gem.

Time had come to ready for our early departure in the morning. A stop in Savannah on the way to Charleston tomorrow. Should be a full day! But, oh, how we've enjoyed our little detour to this quiet island!


  1. You will get so you like the laundry mat! On the boat for those months at a time we looked forward to doing laundry and meeting other cruisers. And we also had to worry about storing our trash until an island with an incinerator came along.

  2. I missed the Sea Turtles??? OMG! Way to rub it in my face Mom!

  3. Ash - not to ruin the surprise, but I plan to get you your own turtle (next time we find one crossing the road) - start thinking of a name!