Two young 50-something females. One big adventure exploring the Americas. Have liquidated everything they own and packed a Saturn Vue with bare necessities to set out on this journey. Planting seeds at each juncture symbolizing their new growth. With an open mind and heart, ready to get a true view of this world.

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Bridge to Oregon

It is a beautiful drive out of Washington heading to Oregon and as we reach the Astoria Bridge which will deliver us to the start of our coast drive, we start to truly anticipate the excitement that awaits. This drive has been on our wish list for quite awhile and it's about to become a reality! Yeah!!!

The bridge is the perfect entryway for our excursion, and after the initial traffic in Astoria, the coastal trail opens and peeks of the magnificent Pacific Ocean begin. It has been over three months since we left the Atlantic, and we are welcoming the ocean smells and sounds fully!

Though we've had rivers, sounds, canals, lakes and straits, along our journey, there is nothing like the ocean and we embrace it's magic! As different as the two coasts are in their terrain, it still almost feels like home for us and that feeling is just wonderful.

As we pull into Manzanita, the quaint little village proves to be the perfect first stop on our Oregon Coast adventure. Cathie, Linda's friend, has provided a cozy little beach cottage, complete with fire pit! (It's the same one we had back home - a gift from Linda, of course) and it finishes our nostalgic moments. Settling in for our stay here, the fire is lit, yes, a fire in August! Unheard of, we know. But, the 50 degree temperature on this balmy evening allows such a pleasure and we enjoy thoroughly after our busy travel day.

Welcome to Oregon!

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