Two young 50-something females. One big adventure exploring the Americas. Have liquidated everything they own and packed a Saturn Vue with bare necessities to set out on this journey. Planting seeds at each juncture symbolizing their new growth. With an open mind and heart, ready to get a true view of this world.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Sunflowers and Wine

So, we've been fortunate enough to have several days of pampering here in Union. Sunning on the deck, massages, reading, hot tub soaks, and on our final evening, with one more beautiful sunset to watch, Linda and her husband, Greg, invite us for a little wine tasting. Can it get better!?

As morning dawns, we reluctantly ready for our next adventure. Columbo, their very sweet dog, looks a little sad, as well. We know he'll miss us as much as we'll miss being here. We take one final stroll around our little haven with Linda and Greg, Columbo and coffee, and realize that, of course, Linda has placed fresh sunflowers in her side patio the morning before we arrived.

They each grab a shovel and watering can to aid in a very special planting this morning. Linda is wearing sunflower yellow for the occasion. In their beautiful garden, we are sure to have a sprouting, no doubt!

Goodbyes are especially difficult this morning. But, in the continuing vein of helpfulness, Linda has connected us with a friend of hers who has a little beach cottage on the Oregon coast. We'll have yet another special place to call home for our initial trip into Oregon. It eases our departure having this comfort. And, we'll be in touch with these special folks for a very long time coming!

As we exit Union, it is a must stop at the winery that produces the delicious wine we sampled the evening prior. Walter Dacon Winery is en route to the coast, just outside of Shelton, Washington. And, what a lovely place we find. Holly is our hostess as she shows us about and allows us to taste many of their beautiful wines, including the 2006 C'est Syrah Magnifique. (Be sure and click on this link, the website is really special as it includes several videos created by our new friend, Linda. They are really good! Especially take time for the Appanage and Robin Hood Restaurant video, you'll see why we loved it so!)

It is incredible and we purchase this and a few other for our long road trip ahead. The perfect finale for our Washington experience. This is a state certainly asterisked on our list. And, the Hood Canal area a dream spot. With all it offers, and Seattle less than two hours away, we will be hard pressed to find a more special place!

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