Two young 50-something females. One big adventure exploring the Americas. Have liquidated everything they own and packed a Saturn Vue with bare necessities to set out on this journey. Planting seeds at each juncture symbolizing their new growth. With an open mind and heart, ready to get a true view of this world.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ferry Hopping on the Sound

Planting the sunflower seeds in NJ is a mixed bag this morning. Sharing the event with precious Elie is fun, but saying goodbye to our dear friends is somewhat sad. We've had a lovely visit with Karla and Pat, and really enjoyed our special time with Elie. Can't wait until we get to see them again! Thanks for such a great time!!

The journey today takes us into Connecticut, via New York. The plan is to drive out Long Island and visit the Hamptons before taking the ferry to New England. We didn't realize our handy Garmin was going to take us directly through NYC until we arrived abruptly at the Holland Tunnel. So, here we are!!

Turns out to be quite empowering as we make our way into Tribeca (just outside the Financial District) and then Chinatown. The lower East Side is revealed as we approach Delancy. The Williamsburg Bridge brings us out of the neighborhoods and heading toward Long Island. Celeste is a bit white knuckled for the journey, I just shoot pictures from every angle. As we continue our path, there is now a sense that we will no longer be nervous about entering a new area. We conquered driving in NYC!!!

The Hamptons are busier than we expect for this time of year, but the pretty place we had thought it would be. A visit to the shopping hub to ferret out the Barefoot Contessa's shop reveals it is no more. But, we find the spot of it's initiation just the same. Vineyards are around several corners and the little market we're pretty sure Ina visits, comes around yet another corner and we are able to catch a quick glimpse.

Further driving brings us into Sag Harbor - a very pretty waterfront. Here it is a bit more peaceful and the gateway to the first ferry over the sound en route to New England. This first leg brings us into Shelter Island, a lovely spot, still not quite open for season, and therefore very desolate. The cross over to Greenport on another small ferry is even prettier. We drive through the little town, contemplating for a moment an overnight stay here, but we opt to continue forward. Another really pretty short drive along the coast brings us to Orient, the launch point for the larger ferry into New London, CT.

A storm is brewing on the distant horizon, and a little lightening storm entertains, followed by a small rainbow. The weather clears as we enter the harbor in Connecticut, bringing scenery just as we expect New England should be. Sun is setting across the marina and it is a truly spectacular welcome. New London is a bit larger than the other ports so far and as we head into Mystic, we note that if we are unable to secure lodging in the little seaport, this is a good option.

A 10-minute drive brings us into the quaint town of Mystic. It is getting later than we usually arrive at a destination indeed finding a stopping point is not working out as well as we had hoped. We do come upon the infamous Mystic Pizza restaurant and decide a "Slice of Heaven" is in order after our full day. The movie plays on several screens, pictures of the cast are abundant and the waitresses match the part. The pizza is even really good. It is not a disappointment at all and the stop is rejuvenating. The drive back to New London is quick and a room at the Radisson very comfortable and reasonable for this late night check in.

It has been a very busy and long day, one that brought many different regions. Leaving the peace of western NJ, through the bustling Newark area and into NYC, on to the famed Hamptons and ferry rides across the sound before arriving into the quaint seaports of New England make for a quintessential journey on this adventure we're taking. How fortunate we are!!!

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  1. I know just how you felt driving through NYC. Several years ago I had to do that when on the road with Ida and I told her, after driving through NYC I knew I could drive anywhere. I even had to drive through the Bronx!