Two young 50-something females. One big adventure exploring the Americas. Have liquidated everything they own and packed a Saturn Vue with bare necessities to set out on this journey. Planting seeds at each juncture symbolizing their new growth. With an open mind and heart, ready to get a true view of this world.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

An Afternoon with Mark Twain

The beautiful weather we've been so fortunate to have for the past week is finally giving way to gray and rain. After our big city day and this morning gloom, we take our time getting going. Doreen makes us a delicious breakfast while we pack and watch our favorite, Sunday Morning. It is just what we need.

Today we are heading to Hartsford, to get a view of the capital and take a tour of the Mark Twain home. Before getting on the road, it's time for the sunflower planting, where Celeste and Doreen find the perfect spot in a flower box overlooking the sound. A stop at "Swan Beach" finds the swans out in full force this morning. Even though the skies are dark, the beauty of the beaches still strong.

Doreen braves the interstate as the rain starts to really come down. The trip north takes about an hour and the arrival at the house tour is welcoming. We are fortunate to have a very knowledgeable guide, and the hour sojourn through the home ends too quickly. What a wealth of information we take away. As it happens, Mr. Clemens' 100th anniversary of his death was just this past week. The museum is having a special centennial celebration this year. Several galleries are inviting and a short movie provides even more insight on this brilliant man's life. It is more than a worth while excursion. If ever in the area, don't miss this one.

Upon our exit of the grounds, we tour the downtown area, virtually a ghost town on Sunday afternoon. Quite interesting to imagine how it will come alive in just a few hours as Monday dawns. This insurance capital of the world is a sight to behold with all of their businesses creating the skyline. Impressive.

Having worked up a nice little appetite, we stop in at a popular seafood place, USS Chowder Pot.
The food proves delicious as we share a bucket of steamers and a huge seafood platter of shrimp, scallops, oyster and fish. There is more than we can finish, though we give it a very hearty try. Again, a perfect rainy Sunday afternoon option this day.

Unfortunately, it's time to move on. Doreen needs to ready for her busy work week and we still need to make our drive into Mystic, where we've decided to stay for a couple of days and take a peek around the little seaport. Goodbyes are said and we drive away. What a lovely weekend we've shared!

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